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About Us

BanglaTech is an Information Technology company specialized in Health Informatics since 2005 based in Kolkata, INDIA. Some of the professionals who were behind the implementations and customization of paperless healthcare ERP in Apollo Hospitals Dhaka, a JCI Accredited 450 bed tertiary hospital, started BanglaTech. We have a small but dedicated team with primary focus on web based healthcare solutions and automation.

Healthcare organizations of all sizes face a critical need to manage and integrate clinical, financial and operational information. Reimbursement models are changing; competition is increasing; margins are getting tighter; and the emphasis on patient care and good outcomes has never been higher. As these needs evolve, you require a hospital information system (HIS) that can keep pace. BanglaTech is here to provide you the Integrated HIS.

From aligning your IT with your business needs to an end-to-end strategy for transforming your enterprise, BanglaTech has the world-class experience and expertise that you need. True certainty of success comes from working with a partner you trust to provide the insight, support and expertise that will propel your business forward. Make us your Partner. We take every possible initiative to make our partner’s business the most efficient and cost-effective as possible. We provide Customer-centric Engagement Model. We build our teams around your domain and technology requirements, offering specialized services and solutions that meet the distinct needs of your business. Our full services portfolio combines traditional IT and Remote Infrastructure services with knowledge-based services such as Consulting and Business Process Outsourcing. This enables us to provide integrated solutions that help you recognize value quickly by reducing costs and improving business agility.


We are specialized in Health Informatics since 2005 and only work in healthcare domain. So all of our products are related to healthcare. Here is a list of some.

Cloud Ready CloudEHR

Run everything from highly secured Cloud. No investment in servers, infrastructure or IT Dept. Suitable for Multi-Location Hospitals/ Clinics.

Intranet solution EnterpriseEHR

Healthcare solutions for private hospitals with huge transactions in single location. Require own investment in servers, infrastructure and IT Dept.

Mobile App for All Platform

The widespread adoption and use of mobile technologies is opening new and innovative ways to improve health and health care delivery.

LOINC based eLAB

eLAB is a laboratory and information management system that supports a modern laboratory's operations. Suitable for Diagnostics Center.

EnterpriseRIS for Radiology

HL7 compliant radiology information system. Suitable for Radiology Diagnostics Center. Can interacts with PACS.

eRx for Pharmacy

Solution for pharmacy. Incorporates robotics, workflow, and pharmacy management software within a unified architecture.

eDoc for Consultants

Web-based EMR and HIPAA-compliant medical practice management solution delivering the tools and resources needed to view patient data.

eROBOT for Automation

Auto-fetching data for the Laboratory technicians from different peripheral devices increasing efficiency and reducing human errors.

Why us?

BanglaTech hospital information system delivers, with a single database and common functionality that support integrated ancillary products that allow you to build a system to meet your HIS and budgetary requirements. Our HIS is a completely integrated system of clinical, financial, physician and ancillary applications, addressing your needs for achieving meaningful use requirements of a certified Electronic Health Record (EHR), patient safety, revenue cycle management and more. A single-vendor approach eliminates the inefficiencies and "complexities" frequently found with multi-vendor solutions.
Here is some reasons why you should choose us.

  • We are focused company. We only work in healthcare since 2005.
  • We have worked with JCI-accredited 450-bedded tertiary hospitals.
  • We have work experiences in implementing 25+ modules in south-asia and middle-east.
  • Low Startup Cost. Pay As You Grow by adding more modules.
  • World-class product but Indian price (very economical compare to similar product in western countries).
  • Fully integrated modules with each other.
  • We follow best practises by implementing popular standards like ICD-10, LOINC, HIPAA, HL7 etc.
  • Fully paperless with pre designed manual process in case of disaster.
  • Web based, so client requires only a browser. Accessible from Windows, Mac or Linux client.
  • Mobile ready, App available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone.
  • Suitable for any Healthcare institutions: clinic, hospital, diagnostics center, doctor’s chamber.
  • Modular, only minimum required modules can be implemented first, more modules can be added as and when required
  • 24X7 Human Help Desk. Speedy Support.

Hospital Information System (HIS)

A fully integrated clinical and financial information system designed for hospitals and health systems of all sizes.

Physician Software Solutions

Physicians seeking data in critical information systems quickly discover that differences in user interface design and security requirements make remote access to patient information systems inconvenient or unavailable. To make the best use of their time, physicians must have simple, user-friendly solutions that give them immediate, enterprisewide access to critical patient care information. The BanglaTech hospital information system (HIS) allows physicians to seamlessly access all patient care information and electronically submit patient orders.

Clinical applications modules

Clinical applications designed by clinicians for clinicians. Who better to design and develop a hospital information system for use by clinicians than actual experienced clinicians? Our team member includes physicians, nurses, pharmacists and laboratory technicians that have a first-hand understanding of the clinical application needs of end-users providing care in your institution. Since our HIS is fully-integrated across all applications and built around a single patient database, information entered anywhere in the system is immediately available throughout the system. Immediate access not only helps clinicians make better treatment decisions – it also enhances patient safety.

Ancillary Department Applications

The BanglaTech HIS has powerful, easy-to-use ancillary applications to address the unique needs of individual departments across your entire organization. These applications were built natively in single database and will help ensure your entire organization, from the laboratory to the pharmacy and everything in between, is operating efficiently. Ancillary modules include Pharmacy Management, Operating Room Management, Emergency Department Information System, Inpatient Physical Rehabilitation, Radiology Management, Laboratory Management, Mobile Specimen Collection, Microbiology etc.

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